Unusual Neck Jewelry

We strive to create the most unique chokers and necklaces, from dark gothic chains to delicate-seeming belly dance adornments. They fit from 12" to 18" necks unless otherwise specified. Please let us know if another size is needed.

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Amira chainmaille necklace in aluminum w/sapphire blue beads
Price: $33.00
Item #: P40 -

Now optionally available with metal leaves!! This exquisite jewelry design is a lovely necklace for regular, modern wear but works equally well for belly dancer, wench and princess outfits. The arrangement of chain and drops make it perfect for filling in open necklines and can be worn low to lead the eye toward one's cleavage. However, it also looks very classy on top of clothing such as a mock neck or even a t-shirt. We make it to fit neck sizes 12"-18" but can alter that if needed. The...

Blade chain mail choker close-up
Price: $26.50
Item #: S70 -

The uniquely elegant Blade Chainmail Choker design features two pewter sword blades bracketed with gleaming glass beads. The neck jewelry's unusual dark faerie look makes it an everyday favorite of the designer and creator. It is popular from Renaissance faires to vampire costumes. This choker/necklace may be draped at the base like a regular necklace but is made so it can also stay high on the neck without being so tight as to cut in with movement, in a similar fashion to our armband designs....

CaptiveLink necklace & earrings shown w/iridescent purple beads
Price: $27.50
Item #: E70 -

These attractive and exotic looking pieces can be worn at the office as well as to match that exquisite belly dance or steampunk costume. Steel links are captured by brass, creating an intriguing and unique combination. This unusual chainmail weave is our own original creation - not based off of any existing weave. It is further complemented by dangles of faceted beads in your choice of color. They are shown here with iridescent purple beads. The standard necklace length is made to fit up to...

Chain mail necktie handcrafted in aluminum
Price: $44.00
Item #: A20 -

The perfect gift for that weekend warrior! We came up with this idea in 1992 and were shocked that no one had thought of a chainmail necktie before. It seemed an obvious male fashion statement while being small enough to keep the handcraft time within limits. It is made of shiny, lightweight aluminum for comfort, and the strap is made with high quality, soft leather and has a distinctive metal slide setup which allows full adjustability up to neck sizes of 20". The tie length of 18½" fits all...

Crystalweave necklace shown in alumium w/jet black beads
Price: $33.00
Item #: L60 -

This chainmail necklace and earring jewelry pieces add a dreamy look to any clothing, whether Renaissance lady, tavern wench costume, modern dinner party outfit, or for club wear. This lacy web-like necklace design drips with firepolished beads. It flows from our original floral maille weave - the base of our Crystalweave designs. The matching earring flowers are also available separately. They are available in steel, shiny aluminum and gold-tone brass. The beads, in your choice of color, are...

Aluminum Danae necklace w/Colorful headdress, Raven armbands & slave bracelets
Price: $29.50
Item #: E10 -

Our most enduring and well-loved necklace design, our Danae Chainmail Necklace rests perfectly along the base of the neck. A diamond of maille along with dark gunmetal rings create a simply elegant effect and makes it a particularly lovely accessory for steampunk outfits. We craft the chainmail out of your choice of steel, aluminum, or gold-tone brass links. This Danae neckpiece is shown here with a Colorful Fantasy Chain Headdress, Raven Arm Band Jewelry and Raven Slave Bracelets. The Danae...

Diamond choker necklace
Price: $38.00
Item #: P47 -

An artistic, Renaissance-inspired jewelry design, this gorgeous choker necklace is handmade with chainmail celtic-knot diamonds interspersed with shiny nickel-plated rings. It is draped in waves of sleek, shining chain which lead the eye downward, catching the light. This necklace adjusts to fit up to 18" necks. It is made to be worn as a choker but can also rest lower along the collar line to get the exact look you want.

Dreamseeker Celtic necklace & earrings w/Silver-plated Feathers
Price: $24.00
Item #: E40 -

This necklace and earring design is a cross between Celtic knotwork and Native American styles with silver-plated feathers. This inspired design was the very first to feature the diamond shapes which have become such a trademark of our company's artistry. Included in the set are a pendant necklace and pair of earrings though there are options above to purchase separately. Choose between silver-plated feathers and nickel-plated dangles as adornment. The chainmail pendant comes on an 18" chain...

Ice-Flame dancer necklace in dark-fire & Chainmail bikini top
Price: $41.00
Item #: V70 -

This jeweled necklace is stunning. It fills in low necklines and ornately enhances cleavage as its light-catching fire polished beads and droplets dipping enticingly downward. This fairy style creation is an intricate weave of jewel-like faceted beads which goes especially well with open neckline clothing. We make this in an enchanting gradient of lovely blue tones (blue-ice) or in the more gothic shading of red to black (dark-fire). The overall necklace length is 23” and can be hooked...

Lock-et chain mail collar shown w/optional heart shaped lock
Price: $40.00
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Item #: E50 -

The captivating Lock-et Chain Mail Collar is made to work with a lock in a fashion similar to that of a choke-chain but with more control due to the unusual design. It is made with two chainmaille weaves to create a unique effect when the necklace is put on. This necklace features larger nickel-plated rings which are set attractively into the galvanized steel chainmail. A padlock, or similar device, is needed to secure it. This collar can come with a sturdy brass padlock with a black finish,...

Mini-rings pride necklace w/blue chain
Price: $6.00
Item #: PJ5 -

Show your pride with this popular neck-chain. Six rings, one in each of the rainbow pride flag colors, rest on a bright 18" chain. We'll make it for you using your choice of color for the clasped chain. The rings are ¼" inside diameter.

Raven Gothic necklace w/Raven headpiece and arm bands
Price: $33.00
Item #: K20 -

Extremely popular, especially among gothic or medieval fans, this darkly elegant necklace is made with a hematite teardrop, steel chainmaille, black anodized chains, and gunmetal rings. We make our Raven Gothic Necklace to rest at a perfect angle along the base of the neck with the chains and teardrop drawing the eye downward. This effect is exceptional with any amount of cleavage. With an overall length of 21", this necklace comfortably fits necks up to 18" but adjusts easily to fit 12" or...

ShadowPoint Bat Necklace in silver-tone
Price: $28.00
Item #: T30 -

In this stunning gothic necklace, a cute vampire bat sleeps within a heart of chainmail. The maille drips with tatters of shiny chain links. For just a drop of color, a blood-red fire polished point topped with hematite adorns the end of the 20" necklace chain. The clasp hooks onto any point along the chain length for the perfect fit on any neck. This necklace really stands out on dark colored clothing and looks fantastic with an open neckline. The shape is particularly well-suited for...

ShadowPoint locking necklace & Crystal Coronet
Price: $40.00
Item #: T60 -

This enchanting necklace design has a beautiful weave with an inset D-ring above contrasting "V"s of black chain. It is discreetly lockable at the back with the included lightweight lock but may be worn with just the built-in S-hook if preferred. We'll make it in your choice of silver-tone steel or gold-tone brass. It is shown with a Crystal coronet. This necklace fits up to an 18" neck. The second front view shows necklace as part of our ShadowPoint body chains. Please remember that none of...

Snake slave collar w/black lock
Price: $43.00
Item #: G80 -

This lockable metal collar is very sturdy and especially popular with men. It is made of galvanized steel in a very tight weave with a snake-like feel but with one edge slightly flattened for resting against the skin. An "S" hook has been added to give a choice of wearing it with or without a padlock. This collar is available with a solid brass padlock with a black finish or may be upgraded to a nickel polished lock in heart shape or rectangular shape. locking Snake Chainmail Bracelet.-->...

Steel-lace choker in brass
Price: $24.00
Item #: L30 -

Metal handwoven into our unusual lacy weave is given both added emphasis and more of a steampunk look with dark gun-metal rings. Its tasteful design appeals to both men and women and adds style to any outfit. This choker adjusts to fit neck sizes from 12" to 18". We will make it with steel or aluminum links for silver-tone or brass links for gold-tone. The pictures of the Steel-lace choker in steel are shown with our Amira Body-Jewelry Chains & Wayfarer armbands. A Steel-lace Bracelet and...

Valkyrie scale necklace
Price: $45.00
Item #: B60 -

Our Valkyrie Scalemaille Necklace is a perfect necklace design for when you really want to make an impression. This elaborate neck jewelry is handwoven with chainmail links and shiny metal leaves which reflect the light wonderfully and resemble scale mail. This neck jewelry fills in low necklines but is capable of dressing up even a basic T-shirt. It fits as small as needed and the overall length is 22” long.

Steel Wayfarer choker w/optional D-ring
Price: $27.50
Item #: D70 -

The distinctive chainmail weave of this metal choker makes it a classy accessory, but you’ll keep coming back to it for casual wear. It's a very popular style with both men and women. An optional shiny, solid D-ring woven into the front is available if you'd like an attachment point or just a more interesting look. Fits from a 12"-18" neck. Main view shows it with the D-ring option along with the matching Wayfarer Chainmail Bracelet and arm bands and a Colorful Slave Bracelet handpiece. ...

WebArt neck jewelry dark blue w/cobalt blue beads
Price: $38.00
Item #: W80 -

This exotic necklace design is perfect for an ensemble which requires a rich, vibrant look. It is a lovely, web of chains and beads handwoven in your choice of color into a unique neck jewelry piece. The center ring is made to rest in the hollow of the neck with the spiderweb radiating outward in a rich display of colored chains with fancy beads woven throughout. The outer ring of faceted fire polished beads are bracketed with the dark gleam of Hematite to enhance the overall color. Adjusts to...