Medieval & Wedding Headdresses

Where to wear a headpiece? Where ever you'd wear a hat.
Not just for Renaissance faires anymore, headdreases have become very popular for stylish outfits and clubwear.
For more casual wear, our comfortable headbands and tiaras stay put without pinning even while dancing and don't pull hair like plain elastics. They look great worn as a necklace too!

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Mid-length Amira headdress shown w/iridescent green beads
Price: $99.00
Item #: P50 -

Why wear a typical fashion hat when you could be wearing something more original? Our Amira Chainmail Headdress is very stylish headwear handcrafted in silver- or gold-tone with your choice of faceted glass beads. Its a lovely accessory for medieval weddings, Renaissance Fairs, SCA and steampunk events, not to mention perfect for that princess halloween costume. Our Amira Chainmail Headdress is lovely way to dress up many different style outfits and is a favorite for weddings with the matching...

Amira chain mail headband shown w/Lock-et collar
Price: $22.00
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Item #: P70 -

This chain mail headpiece jewelry design is very popular for Renaissance faires, bridesmaid's outfits, and even casual wear which could use a touch of sparkle. Shining fire polished beads decorate the forehead in the center of the chainmail band. Rayon stretch cord allows it to rest in place comfortably no matter the head size and makes it perfectly secure for activities such as belly dancing. The strap may be worn over or under the hair or even rest around the neck to turn this design into a...

Mid-length shown in steel and blue chain
Price: $135.00
Item #: C60 -

Our unique Colorful Fantasy Headdress is an enchanting piece to wear at weddings, medieval events, Renaissance faires, with Halloween costumes, and everything in between. We will handcraft this headpiece to order for you in your choice of chain color and metal. It is available in mid-length as well as an elaborate waist-length style which flows down the back or may be pinned up, holding your hair in its weave. Nickel-plated or brass metal beads connect each junction of chain. The attractive...

Crystal coronet in steel shown w/Mother of Pearl
Price: $42.00
Item #: Q20 -

This incredible headpiece is lovely as a wedding adornment but just as popular in more casual settings to add a touch of medieval elegance to less formal outfits or costumes. The front is adorned with your choice of semi-precious stones or Austrian crystals upon fluted teardrops. Those drops, the slim chains to either side and the larger rings are silver or gold tone to go with your choice of metal. Available metals are golden brass or the silver finish of steel. Made to be fully adjustable,...

Crystal Facemask in steel w/black chains & Hematite beads
Price: $35.00
Item #: A70 -

This dramatic mask of chainmail and colorful chains was created to accent the eyes and does an exceptional job of it. A unique and eye-catching piece for any evening out, not to mention at costume balls or medieval fairs. Your choice of bright Austrian crystal or semi-precious stones lend their own personality and charm to the overall design. The band of comfortable rayon stretch cord provides a perfect fit for everyone. Main picture is shown in steel with black chains and Hematite beads....

Diamond Celtic headband shown w/Diamond choker
Price: $29.50
Item #: P77 -

A Celtic knotwork style chainmail diamond rests upon the brow in this lovely headband. The centerpiece of a light-reflecting, metal bead is set with your choice of semi-precious stones or Austrian crystals. Sleek nickel-plated chain lengths weave their way along the sides to frame the face and accent the eyes. A stretchy woven cord provides a comfortable and very adjustable fit. The main picture is with Tiger eye beads, shown with our Diamond Chains Choker Necklace. The close-up shows the...

Raven headpiece
Retail: $27.50
Price: $24.75
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Item #: P72 -

Our Raven Gothic Headpiece design is a beautiful chainmaille headband with a comfortable strap that ensures a perfect and comfortable fit for all sizes. It feature a lovely hematite teardrop complemented by drapes of black anodized chain. Like all of our headbands, it can also be lowered to rest around the neck, instantaneously converting it into a lovely necklace. The second view is shown with Raven Arm Jewelry and a Raven Gothic Necklace. ...

WebArt Dancer Tiara in black
Price: $38.50
Item #: W35 -

Tiara is defined as a decorative jeweled headband and this certainly fits the bill. This unusual headwear design adds an exotic look, be it worn with an elegant outfit or dance costume. The dark gleam of the black option would do any goth princess proud while the colors are popular with bright bellydance and Renaissance Fair outfits. An ornate centerpiece of fire polished and Hematite beads adorn the forehead of this gorgeous headpiece. From this, a lace-work of chain drapes its way back. It...