Necklaces, Anklets & Belly Chains w/Locks

This unusual collar and slave chain jewelry is popular with punk and goth fans as well as for adorning that special someone for a night out. Some are also available without the locks, but we do not sell components such as locks separately. All are made for fashion rather than continuous wear.

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Lock-et chain mail collar shown w/optional heart shaped lock
Price: $40.00
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Item #: E50 -

The captivating Lock-et Chain Mail Collar is made to work with a lock in a fashion similar to that of a choke-chain but with more control due to the unusual design. It is made with two chainmaille weaves to create a unique effect when the necklace is put on. This necklace features larger nickel-plated rings which are set attractively into the galvanized steel chainmail. A padlock, or similar device, is needed to secure it. This collar can come with a sturdy brass padlock with a black finish,...

Locking anklet w/Wayfarer bracelet
Price: $25.50
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Item #: G90 -

This unique lockable anklet is attractive without being ostentatious. It is popular for casual, costume and BDSM wear, Reminiscent of old fashioned manacles, the doubled steel chain also allows adjustable placement for the included light-weight lock. The ends and center of the anklet flare slightly at larger nickel-plated rings, adding an additional artistic touch to the overall design. This anklet is shown with a Wayfarer Chainmail Bracelet.Please note that our mailorder jewelry creations are...

ShadowPoint locking necklace & Crystal Coronet
Price: $33.00
Item #: T60 -

This enchanting necklace design has a beautiful weave with an inset D-ring above contrasting "V"s of black chain. It is discreetly lockable at the back with the included lightweight lock but may be worn with just the built-in S-hook if preferred. We'll make it in your choice of silver-tone steel or gold-tone brass. It is shown with a Crystal coronet. This necklace fits up to an 18" neck. The second front view shows necklace as part of our ShadowPoint body chains. Please remember that none of...

Snake slave collar w/black lock
Price: $43.00
Item #: G80 -

This lockable metal collar is very sturdy and especially popular with men. It is made of galvanized steel in a very tight weave with a snake-like feel but with one edge slightly flattened for resting against the skin. An "S" hook has been added to give a choice of wearing it with or without a padlock. This collar is available with a solid brass padlock with a black finish or may be upgraded to a nickel polished lock in heart shape or rectangular shape. locking Snake Chainmail Bracelet.-->...